Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Salary for the Armed Forces

Average Salary for the Armed Forces

As you grow up and get older;you will have decisions to make that could possibly change your life. You’ll probably have to choose between the workforce or joining the military. The military can be a get set-up for your future. For example if you join the military you get to go to the college of your choice and study for what you wanna become after the military. In my opinion I give my most respect to every man and women who give their life everyday so that we can be free and carry on the red,white,and blue cheer in peace. The military has multiple job opportunities that they provide so you can improve your intelligence and in the future become a success in the future. But the military is a very dangerous job category to be in even if you're behind a desk doing military papers because the enemy can be anywhere and when the time is right anything can happen and can lead to a disaster.

People in the military can make up to $ 99,000 a year and be paid for housing and food. That yearly salary also depends on your class and rank in the military. If for example if your an E1 or private you’ll make a minimum salary of 17,892 dollars annually with no benefits. But when you’re in E-6 staff sergeant or higher 27,814 for less than two years and rises to 34,636 dollars for 6 years. Those are the yearly salaries for only enlisted soldiers. But if you go to college then go into the military your salary can sky rocket up to 68,000 for six years. That shows that you should really go to college for a while so you can get into a higher rank and make more money.

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